1985 Toyota Pickup 4x4 for sale

1985 Toyota Pickup 4×4 For Sale

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**Sold 2020

Unfortunately, I need to part ways with my much loved 1985 Toyota pickup. I hope this truck finds a home with an outdoor enthusiast who will take her trail riding in Baja.

The classic 1985 Toyota pickup 4×4 is iconic for good reason. The Japanese made 22-re fuel-injected motor is simple and nearly indestructible. The solid front axle suspension and four-wheel low will get you in an out of isolated and spectacular places you otherwise would miss. Lastly, it’s a classic. Back to the Future cemented the 1985 Toyota pickup’s status as the dream vehicle to take off-road. Whether it is touring the beaches of Mexico or rock crawling in the Hollister Hills, the 1985 Toyota pickup is a purveyor of classic fun.

1985 Toyota Pickup 4×4 Mechanical Upgrades and Features

The 22-re engine is highly regarded for its dependability and longevity. In 2017 I had the engine completely rebuilt. I met a guy with a mint condition 1985 Toyota pickup 4×4 who referred me to one of the best engine mechanics in Guadalajara. He has gone on to refer me to a great air conditioning mechanic and painter.

1985 Toyota pickup 4x4 engine rebuild

I added high-performance headers and wider exhaust tubing all the way through the tail-pipe to increase the performance a little bit.

1985 is the last year that Toyota used a solid front axle suspension. In 1986 it was changed to an independent front suspension which rides more like a car. The solid front axle system is favored for rock crawling because it allows the front wheels to swing out from the chassis and find something to grab onto. The conversion from independent front suspension to the solid front axle system will set you back a few thousand dollars. It is one of the reasons why this particular year, the 1985 Toyota pickup 4×4, is so highly sought after.

Solid front axle suspension

The automatic locking hubs were swapped out for manual locking hubs when the originals started to stick while engaging and disengaging.

The truck has a four-inch lift with 32×11.5 BFG all-terrain tires and has excellent clearance. The tires were replaced in October of 2016 and still have a ton of mileage left on them. ProComp 3000 shocks were replaced in August of 2019.

Mexican Road Trip

I have had this truck for close to 20 years and it is with great pain that I have to part with it. I live in Mexico and the cost and questionable legality of nationalizing it make it useless here. I rarely dive it because my temporary vehicle import permit is expired as well as my California registration. It is time to bring it back to California and find somebody that loves these trucks as much as I do.

Toyota 4x4 in Teotihuacan, Mexico

This vehicle has been a big part of my adventure in Mexico. I have toured the beaches to the big city, and think that this is the perfect vehicle to do so. This truck is the perfect camping vehicle. From the well-maintained campsites of Big Sur to the inhospitable Baja California desert, to the jungle of Nayarit the Toyota four-wheel-drive pickup will take you to amazing places.

Exploring the trails of Baja California was one of my favorite pastimes.

The landscapes of Baja California are like nothing else on this planet. You need a tough vehicle to survive Baja. There are consequences for not being prepared in the desert. The 1985 Toyota pickup 4×4 is world-renowned as a dependable four-wheel-drive beast.

I started out surfing the beaches close to San Diego and slowly started to venture further and further away. San Miguel is where the toll freeway ends just before Ensenada. After San Miguel, it is a winding, two-lane highway all the way to Los Cabos.

surfing San Miguel, Ensenada

This truck has brought me a lot of waves up and down the Pacific Coast.

Overlooking the Monterrey Bay

I went to school at UC Santa Cruz. While visiting the campus I drove this truck up there and lost my keys somewhere. I had slept in the camper on the remote lot for two nights while my dad mailed me the extra set of keys.

I have taken a number of long road trips through Mexico. I could not imagine a better vehicle for touring. It is inconspicuous, easy to work on, and holds a lot of surfboards.


I know that I will find someone that will love this truck as much as I have. There are notes left on the windshield on a regular basis asking if I would like to sell it. Because of the Mexican temporary vehicle import permit, I need to take it back to California. Plus, I am frothing over the Baja road trip to get it home.

The truck will be ready to show in San Diego in mid-October.

Thanks for having a look!

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