Restaurante SSAM: Korean Food At Its Best

All of the sudden Guadalajara has a solid repertoire of Korean restaurants. I am really starting to rethink my criticisms of the Asian food that is available here. There are casual options in the market, after-work beer swigging and all-you-can-eat joints, and there are sophisticated yet casually elegant options to choose from. Restaurante SSAM fits into that sophisticated yet casually elegant category. Inside and out the experience is absolutely enchanting. A beautiful space on tree-lined Calle Morelos, educated and attentive service, and one hell of a kitchen make Restaurante SSAM a name that you need to know.

SSAM Guadalajara Table
A table at restaurante SSAM in Guadalajara

Long before I got to experience this restaurant I would see the manager in Mercado de Abastos buying produce. I can attest to the fact that they really know food because everything that is served is in awesome condition. There was not a blemish on anything. The herbs, the lettuce, the eggplant were perfect. They start with really good ingredients and know how to prepare them well.

Ginger lemonades at Restaurante SSAM Guadalajara
Ginger lemonades at Restaurante SSAM Guadalajara

Ginger ale, ginger lemonade and ginger passion fruit cocktails were perfect and there is a small yet solid lineup of craft beer.

BBQ at Restaurante SSAM Guadalajara
BBQ at Restaurante SSAM Guadalajara

We decided to share some appetizers and then turn on the grill. I personally love the grill in the middle of the table and the chop sticks made out of metal. I like my meat rare and my wife likes her’s medium-well, and this way we both win.

Bibim Ramen with Shrimp at SSAM Guadalajara
Bibim Ramen with Shrimp

They made this ramen for us with gluten free noodles.

Mandu Empanadas at SSAM Guadalajara
Mandu Empanadas

Have you every had empanadas made with a rice flour wrapper?

The BBQ at Restaurante SSAM is the best I have tasted in years

Ribeye Parrillada at SSAM Guadalajara
Ribeye Parrillada

While we were devouring the appetizers the grill was getting warmed up. While I love going to the all-you-can-eat paces there nothing like a great cut of meat. You can get that little bit of fat nice and crispy when its cut into slices.

BBQ Time at SSAM Guadalajara
BBQ Time at SSAM Guadalajara

The onion and garlic help flavor the meat and the meat helps flavor the mushroom. It is a win-win situation.

Banchan Spread at SSAM Guadalajara
Banchan Spread

We ate every last bit of every one of those side dishes. Honesty, I felt like I was back in LA. I easily could have been on Vermont Av or Olympic Blvd the food was so good.

Restaurante SSAM Kimchi
Kimchi at Restaurante SSAM

While I am no expert on kimchi, I know what I like. When the cabbage is fermented yet it still has a crunch to it, I am in heaven. From the flavor of the chiles to the cabbage, this is one of the best kimchis that I have had the pleasure of tasting.

Dessert at  SSAM
Dessert at Restaurante SSAM

Probably the most expensive marshmallow lollipop you are going to taste this year but it is a must. There is like a matcha green tea ice cream inside there. And a toasted marshmallow exterior; come on now.

The dining room  SSAM Guadalajara
The dining room

Come check this place out. Guadalajara is more than just torta ahogadas.

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5 thoughts on “Restaurante SSAM: Korean Food At Its Best”

  1. Hi Paul!
    I can’t recall how I ended up signing up for your email but I’m glad I did. Is Restaurante SSAM gluten free or do they offer gluten free options? I already need another food trip to Guadalajara and would love to visit this restaurant as I love and miss Korean food.
    On Facebook it looks like there menu has normal ramen and Mandu so I thought I’d see how you ordered gf versions.
    I have celiac.
    Thanks for any help!

    • They did spectacular. There were plenty of rice noodle substitutions and gluten free options. I was in heaven. I took a few risks, but everything turned out ok. Obviously, anything with soy is a no-go, but there were a few excellent gluten free options. The next time I go I want to try the hot pot soup 🙂

  2. Fantastic! Maybe just take your own gf soy or tamari next time or oyster sauce, then the possibilities would be endless! I have some great sources for gf doenjang, gochojang and aged soy via Crazy Koreans Cooking on amazon, in case you like to cook Korean. I have to cook it as I live 3.5 hours from the closest Korean restaurant and that place has nothing gf :(.

  3. Este lugar está increíble me encanto encontrar las opciones GF, la ambientación y el servicio fueron buenos no importando que soy mamá de carriola fueron súper amables y accesibles. Y lo más espectacular fue la increíble comida le contaba a las personas que me sentía emocionada de encontrar estas opciones en gdl, fui muy feliz ? .


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