The Coolest Things to Do in Guadalajara, Jalisco

Things to do in Guadalajara, the cathedral

Guadalajara is known as a huge Pueblo, or as the song goes, it has the soul of the provinces. Even though it is Mexico’s second City there is little comparison with the sheer size of Mexico City (CDMX). That being said, there are still a ton of cool things to do in Guadalajara and the … Read more

The Best Sunscreen for Mexico: Biodegradable and Reef Safe Sunscreens

Every year millions of tourists flock to Mexico to enjoy the colonial towns and marvelous beaches. Many of them learn the hard way that the sun in Mexico needs to be taken seriously. When it comes to choosing the best sunscreen for Mexico you should consider that sunscreens impact on the environment. There is a … Read more

The Best Beaches Close to Guadalajara, Mexico

Guadalajara is the second-largest metropolitan region in Mexico. There is an excellent quality of life, important contributions to the national identity, a developed economy but there are no beaches for over 200 kilometers. The coastal areas closest to Guadalajara are marvelous but you need to log some kilometers on the highway before you can touch … Read more

The Best Hotels in Guadalajara: Where to Stay in Guadalajara

The RIU is one of the best hotels in Guadalajara

Guadalajara is the capital of the State of Jalisco and has a long history and thriving economy. There are a lot of different neighborhoods and lodging experiences in the city. You can find a great hotel at every price point and for every type of traveler. Where to stay in Guadalajara is going to be … Read more

42 Best Restaurants in Guadalajara

The 42 best restaurants in Guadalajara

A definitive list of the essential restaurants in Guadalajara across an array of cuisines, neighborhoods, and price points. Guadalajara is a world-class foodie destination that is still off the beaten path. What makes Guadalajara such a cool place to hang out is the balance of modern and traditional schools of thought, that you encounter every … Read more