Where to stay in Guadalajara, best neighborhoods and hotels

Where To Stay In Guadalajara: BEST Areas For EVERY Traveler

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Looking for the best place to stay in Guadalajara?

You are in luck, I have the goods. Deciding where to stay in Guadalajara can be a challenge. The Guadalajara Metropolitan Area is huge. It is the third largest metro are in Mexico, it encompasses nine different municipalities and is home to 5 million people.

The good part is that there is an option for every traveler from budget to luxury, from family-friendly to business-oriented, and everything in between.

This article looks specifically at the best neighborhoods for visitors. If you are looking for the best hotels in Guadalajara, that is a different article. If you are looking to relocate to Guadalajara, I have a more in-depth article about residential neighborhoods off the tourist track.

I have lived in Guadalajara since 2009 and hosted many discerning travelers such as my mom. I want to make sure your stay in Guadalajara is fun, safe, and exceeds your expectations.

Quick Guide: Where To Stay In Guadalajara

  • Colonia Americana
  • Providencia
  • Tlaquepaque
Downtown is a popular place to stay in Guadalajara

Where To Stay In Guadalajara Overview

I see this question come up in the Facebook groups all the time and the short answer is the Centro Histórico and the Colonia Americana. Both of those neighborhoods have great experiences but might not be the right choice for all travelers.

One of the things that I love about Guadalajara is the contrast between traditional and modern ways of life. If you are going to stay in Downtown Guadalajara’s Centro Histórico, I highly recommend heading over to Providencia to have dinner. Or the other way around. If you stay in Plaza Andares, don’t forget to tour Tlaquepaque as well.

Safety will always be an important part of the decision about where to stay. I think that the neighborhood is less important than the behavior because even wealthy areas can attract crime.

I recommend taking a look at the full article on security in Guadalajara to get an idea about the common scams. Most of them are pretty easy to avoid if you are aware of them in advance. Keep that expensive cell phone in your pocket when you are on the street.

Let’s take a look at the best neighborhoods and places to stay in Guadalajara while exploring the best hotels to stay in Guadalajara.

Colonia Americana – Where To Stay In Guadalajara For First Timers

In 2022, The Colonia Americana was named the coolest neighborhood in the world by Time Out Magazine because of the underground scene. The blend of historic architecture, music venues, and a uniquely Tapatío style of independent hospitality options make it cooler than anywhere else in the country.

There is more nightlife in the Colonia Americana than in any other part of Guadalajara between bars, clubs, and hip restaurants.

Colonia Americana is kind of a blanket term for the neighborhoods (Lafayette, Moderna, and Reforma) directly west of Downtown Guadalajara’s Centro Historico. The area is incredibly walkable and Downtown is still accessible on foot.

The big difference between the Colonia Americana and Downtown Guadalajara is that the restaurants and nightlife are way better in the Americana.

There are a number of similarities between Mexico City’s Roma Norte and the Colonia Americana. The earliest buildings in each neighborhood date back to the Porfiriato era prior to the Mexican Revolution.

The mansions along Avenida Vallarta blend European architectural elements into a uniquely Mexican eclectic style. There are excellent examples of modernism, art deco, neo-gothic, and many more.

Things to do in the Colonia Americana, Guadalajara

This is just a summary. Click here for the full list of the things to do in the Colonia Americana, Guadalajara.

Templo Expiatorio gothic church in the Colonia Americana, Guadalajara
  • Visit the Templo Expiatorio with its Italian-style neo-gothic architecture by Adamo Boari who also designed the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City.
  • Admire the José Clemente Orozco murals in the University of Guadalajara’s Museo de las Artes directly behind the Expiatorio.
  • Ride a bike down Avenida Vallarta’s millionaire row on Sunday’s car-free Vía Recreactiva.
  • Take a street art tour with Karen Mora to find hidden murals.
  • Enjoy the best bars, restaurants, and coffee shops in Guadalajara.

Where to stay in the Colonia Americana Guadalajara

Where to stay in Guadalajara Casa Habita Boutique Hotel

There are a number of very stylish hotels in the Colonia Americana. Villa Ganz is a boutique hotel in a restored mansion with the best pet-friendly hotel policy in the city.

📍Budget Option – Hotel Isabel
📍Mid-Range Option – Demetria Bungalows
📍Luxury Option – Villa Ganz
📍Luxury Option – Casa Habita

Providencia: Where To Stay In Guadalajara For Upscale Travelers

Where to stay in Providencia Guadalajara

Providencia is easily one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Guadalajara with an upscale feel. It has the highest concentration of good hotels and was originally planned as the neighborhood across the street from the Country Club.

Much of the area was developed in the 20th century and has continued to be redeveloped. There is a lot of mid-century flair in the residential section while the financial district is incredibly sleek.

Avenida Pablo Neruda, Avenida Terranova, Avenida López Mateos, and Avenida Americas are the most important streets that roughly form a perimeter of the neighborhood. They have high-end restaurants, lush parks, designer boutiques, and the best private schools.

Bosque Colomos is the most beautiful park in the metropolitan area and backs up to Providencia on the west side. The public sporting facilities are what you would expect in a wealthy community.

Bosque Colomos Park in Providencia Guadalajara

One of the defining features of Providencia is the wealth of mature trees. It can get really hot during the springtime before the rains and shade trees help keep the temperatures manageable. Downtown Guadalajara feels much hotter because of the lack of trees on the street.

The name Provedencia comes from the old Hacienda La Providencia which was the property of the Bernardino Villaseñor family who introduced the first printing press to Guadalajara at the Downtown Guadalajara “Casa de los Perros” Museum of Journalism and Graphic Arts.

Guadalajara’s financial district is located in Providencia on Avenida de las Americas and there are plenty of high-end restaurants. La Docena is ranked as one of the best restaurants in Latin America focusing on superb seafood.

Things to do in Providencia, Guadalajara

  • Hike or jog Bosque Colomos and visit the Japanese Friendship Gardens, the duck pond, and the horse stables.
  • See a show at the Charles Chaplin Children’s Theater
  • Visit the parks. There are excellent parks for both kids and dogs.
  • Go out to eat. Providencia has the most cosmopolitan dining scene in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area.
  • Go to the doctor. The San Javier Hospital is a major destination for medical tourism and the UAG Medical School attracts students from across Latin America.

Where to eat in Providencia

  • Tacos Providencia – Iconic taco shop with waiters and table service.
  • La Docena – Internationally ranked seafood concept
  • Restaurante Allium – The best Mexican farm-to-table in the region
  • Pasteria Terranova – Long-time local favorite for Italian Cuisine
  • Matraz Café – Old school, local coffee roaster
  • Santa Clara Providencia – Neighborhood ice cream shop
  • More – Campomar, Dainzu, Boxitos, Palominos, La Casa de los Platos, Pamplo, Corazón de Alcachofa, Gaspar, Hono, and so much more.

Where to stay in Providencia

📍Budget Option – FCH Hotel Providencia
📍Mid-Range Option – Grand Fiesta Americana Guadalajara Country Club
📍Mid-Range Option – Hotel NH Collection Guadalajara Providencia
📍Mid-Range Option – voco Guadalajara Neruda, an IHG Hotel
📍Luxury Option – Hilton Guadalajara Midtown
📍Luxury Option – JW Marriott Hotel Guadalajara

Chapalita – Where To Stay In Guadalajara For Families

Chapalita is my favorite neighborhood in Guadalajara now that I have a family and push a stroller. It can be considered the suburbs but it is still within the heart of the metropolitan region. The border between Zapopan and Guadalajara runs right through the middle of Chapalita but neither municipality supersedes the local neighborhood council.

While there are not as many major tourist attractions in Chapalita, the neighborhood is popular with the expat community. Many families like to stay in Chapalita to experience what it is like living in Guadalajara before they actually pull the trigger and relocate.

A park in Chapalita with a huge tree

Chapalita is just the beginning of the neighborhood. Ciudad del Sol, Ciudad de los Niños, Prados Tepeyac, and Jardín de San Ignacio are all amazing places to live.

It is my personal opinion that Calle Parque Juan Diego is the most beautiful street in Guadalajara. The old mansions have big yards and the street has little monuments and roundabouts. It is a very enjoyable place to walk with the family.

The Glorieta Chapalita roundabout has a big park in the middle and hosts a weekly art market on Sundays. The local government has done a wonderful job developing the infrastructure to make pedestrians safer as they cross the busy street. And the restaurants circling the roundabout are some of Guadalajara’s favorite eateries.

The business district is more geared toward families with more restaurants than bars. There are a few more hotels that have been built in the last few years. The newer hotel towers tend to be located on the outskirts of the neighborhood while the renovated old mansions are located in the heart of Chapalita.

Things to do in Chapalita

  • Stroll the Sunday art market in the Glorieta Chapalita
  • Eat at dozens of excellent restaurants
  • Take the kids to one of the many neighborhood parks in the area
  • Walk the neighborhood to view the mid-century modern and art deco architecture

Where to eat in Chapalita

  • Campomar – The best seafood restaurant in Guadalajara
  • Pastería Chapalita – Neighborhood favorite pizzas, pastas, and bar
  • La Morenita del Santuario – Traditional Mexican Cenaduría
  • El Palomar de Santa Rita – Sinaloa-style tacos and chorreadas
  • Los Alteños – One of Guadalajara’s favorite tacos shops
  • Specialty Coffee – Neretta, El Terrible Juan, and Breadway

Where to stay in Chapalita

Clarum is where to stay in Chapalita Guadalajara

📍Budget Option – Casa Ixaya by Barrio Mexico
📍Budget Option – La Mansión del Sol (Ciudad del Sol)
📍Mid-Range Option – Hotel Guadalajara Plaza Ejecutivo
📍Mid-Range Option – Hotel CLARUM 101
📍Mid-Range Option – Becquer Hotel Guadalajara
📍Luxury Option – RIU Plaza Guadalajara

Centro Histórico – Best Guadalajara Budget Hotels

Centro Histórico is one of the best places to stay in Guadalajara

Downtown Guadalajara’s Centro Histórico is a national treasure. The area has been redeveloped over the years to make it more pedestrian-friendly by connecting the cathedral to a plethora of plazas, museums, cantinas, and historic buildings.

Now, let’s get down to safety. Downtown Guadalajara is very safe during the daytime but becomes somewhat sketchy after dark. I do not recommend walking around after dark, especially in the Oblatos neighborhood.

I have lived in Guadalajara since 2009 and I still love spending Sunday mornings in Downtown Guadalajara with my family. I don’t think I will ever run out of cool things to do and see.

When I have friends and family come to visit Guadalajara for the first time I like to show them both sides of Guadalajara on the first day: the traditional and the modern. Downtown Guadalajara’s historic core is the traditional part and the Plaza Andares Mall is the modern part.

Things to do in Downtown Guadalajara Centro Histórico

  • Take a walking tour of Downtown Guadalajara with a professional tour guide that will tell enthralling stories
  • Go to church even if you are not religious. Many of the temples are architectural masterpieces
  • See the murals by several of Mexico’s great artists
  • Pick out a museum or two. The Hospicio Cabañas is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the best museums in Mexico
  • Drink tequila in a traditional cantina

Where to eat in Downtown Guadalajara Centro Histórico

Where to stay in Guadalajara near food

Downtown Guadalajara doesn’t have as many options for nice sit-down restaurants as other parts of town. There is some really good food in the markets and in the street but it is humble.

I think the one exception is the Plaza de las 9 Esquinas which is famous for birria. There are at least five restaurants set around a historic plaza selling the traditional breakfast stew. My favorites are El Pilón de los Arrieros or La Birrieria de las 9 Esquinas which happen to be owned by the same family.

  • Plaza de las 9 Esquinas (El Pilón de los Arrieros or La Birrieria de las 9 Esquinas)
  • Lonches Amparito
  • Tacos de tripa and tortas locas in Mercado San Juan de Dios
  • Birrieria David in Mercado Alcalde (Buy a cold pressed pineapple juice from the vendor on the other side of the market because David only has sodas)
  • La Morenita del Santuario traditional Mexican food cenaduría and buy a buñuelo for dessert from the street vendors out front
  • Taco Fish La Paz
  • Torta ahogada at Don José El de la Bicicleta or El Principe Heredero

Where to stay in Downtown Guadalajara Centro Histórico

Where to stay in Guadalajara Centro Histórico

Downtown Guadalajara has an incredible quantity of inexpensive hotels. This is just a small sample of all the great cheap hotels in Guadalajara. Even the luxury hotel is affordable compared to every other luxury hotel on the list.

📍Budget Option – Hostel Hospedarte Centro
📍Mid-Range Option – Real Maestranza Hotel
📍Luxury Option – Hotel Morales

Arcos Vallarta

Where to stay in Guadalajara Arcos Vallarta

Arcos Vallarta sometimes gets lumped into what people call the Colonia Americana but I think there are some important distinctions. It is the neighborhood west of the Colonia Americana and I use the term to include the Glorieta Minerva (Roundabout traffic circle).

The Guadalajara Arches are three blocks east of the Glorieta Minerva and were an early “Welcome to Guadalajara” sign. The streets that intersect the traffic circle lead to the United States, the coastal town of Manzanillo, and Mexico City.

Glorieta Minerva in Arcos Vallarta Guadalajara

Personally, I love this neighborhood. I lived in the Torre Minerva for one year during college and had one of the best times of my life. The Glorieta Minerva is a symbol of both Guadalajara and Jalisco and is a meeting place for big celebrations.

When the local soccer team, Chivas, wins a big match the Minerva is flooded with fans. When the Mexican national soccer team wins a Big World Cup match the whole area is flooded with people for the rest of the day.

Hometown hero and Formula 1 star Checo Perez performed an exhibition drive under the arches and around the Minerva to a crowd that camped out days in advance to reserve their place.

Much like the Colonia Americana, Avenida Vallarta is full of historic mansions but they aren’t as old as the ones closer to Downtown Guadalajara. The neighborhood really started to develop in the 1950s which had distinct architectural styles and construction technology.

Things to do in Arcos Vallarta

Via Recreactiva skateboarding in Arcos Vallarta
  • Rent a bike and ride the Vía Recreactiva car-free Sunday
  • Climb the Guadalajara Arches
  • Celebrate a big soccer win in the Glorieta Minerva
  • Listen to Mariachi at Casa Bariachi

Where to eat in Arcos Vallarta

  • palReal Café – The best breakfast and coffee in Guadalajara
  • SSAM Morelos – Exceptional Korean food
  • Fish Taco La Paz – Baja-style fish tacos
  • Il Diavolo Lopez Cotilla – One of the best pizzas in Guadalajara
  • Puerco Espada – Ceviche on crispy tacos and fancy popsicles
  • El Bodegon de Ova – Best Argentine grill in Guadalajara

Where to stay in Arcos Vallarta

Where to stay in Arcos Vallarta Guadalajara Hotel Velvet Plaza

📍Budget Option – Hotel Diana
📍Mid-Range Option – Hotel Velvet Plaza
📍Mid-Range Option – Krystal Urban Guadalajara
📍Luxury Option – Fiesta Americana Guadalajara

Downtown Zapopan

Downtown Zapopan is one of the coolest areas to explore in Guadalajara

When people come to Guadalajara for the first time there is always a little confusion between the different municipalities and the neighborhoods. Zapopan the municipality has a larger population than Guadalajara but few people realize where one ends and the other begins.

Downtown Zapopan is a historic neighborhood set around the 17th-century Franciscan Basilica de Nuestra Señora de Zapopan. It is home to the Virgin of Zapopan, a relic from medieval times that inspires one of the largest yearly pilgrimages in Mexico.

Pope John Paul II visited the church in 1979 and the plaza was subsequently named after him.

The whole area is beautiful. The Basilica is a spectacular example of 17th century baroque architecture and the streets make you feel like you are stepping back in time.

The historic buildings in Downtown Guadalajara are much larger than the buildings in Downtown Zapopan. Zapopan feels like a smaller town with an important church rather than the capital of Nueva Galicia.

The whole area is one of the safest places in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area and in all of Mexico. The pedestrian corridor (Andador 20 de Nobiembre) that runs from Avenida Americas to the Basilica has some arches and a bunch of restaurant/bars that put tables in the street. It is often decorated for the season and a popular place to get a drink after work.

There are some really cool places to hang out in Downtown Zapopan.

Salon Candela Bar in Zapopan, Jalisco

Things to do in Downtown Zapopan

  • See some live music at Salon Candela one of the coolest bars in Zapopan
  • Visit the Museo de Arte de Zapopan
  • See a baseball game at the Pan American Stadium
  • Take the metro line 3 to Guadalajara or Tlaquepaque (it still feels new)
  • Walk Avenida Aurelio Ortega with its beautiful park down the middle
  • Skate the bowls in La Curva Skatepark in the Parque Zapopan Central
  • See a concert at the Auditorio Telmex

Where to eat in Downtown Zapopan

Where to stay in Guadalajara near coffee
  • Salón Candela – restaurant, bar, and live music venue
  • Tacos de Birria El Chino
  • Enora – One of the best coffee shops in Guadalajara
  • Villa de Patos – Avocado toast and organic products
  • Mercado del Mar seafood market (Puerto del Mar or El Zarandeado)

Where to stay in Downtown Zapopan

📍Budget Option – Hotel Real Zapopan
📍Mid-Range Option – Hotel NEXT
📍Mid-Range Option – Hotel Country Plaza

Downtown Tlaquepaque

Where to stay in Tlaquepaque

Tlaquepaque is a part of the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area but it is its own independent municipality (city) with its own unique identity.

In 2018, Tlaquepaque was named a Pueblo Mágico by the national secretary of tourism because of the incredible hospitality options. It is considered to have some of the best shopping in Mexico for folkloric art.

The name Tlaquepaque comes from the Náhuatl for “Land above knolls of clay” and you can imagine that ceramics are very popular. There are also textiles, carpentry, glass blowers, leather shops, and so many more skilled artisans with spectacular galleries.

Many of the best restaurants are decorated with local art.

Tlaquepaque is a large municipality with both safe and unsafe areas. The downtown area is very safe and designed for walking with big pedestrian streets connecting plazas.

It is only a few miles from Guadalajara to Downtown Tlaquepaque and the area is a favorite day trip for Tapatíos to spend a Saturday or Sunday eating traditional food, drinking tequila, and singing mariachi songs.

Things to do in Downtown Tlaquepaque

  • Go shopping for folk art (ceramics, glass, leather, and tequila)
  • Watch a mariachi show at the Parian or the Abajeño
  • Go tequila shopping at El Buho, the best tequila shore in the world
  • Visit one of several ceramics museums
  • Attend the farm animal festival in October

Where to eat in Downtown Tlaquepaque

Where to eat in Tlaquepaque

Most of these options are country-style restaurants with traditional recipes and entertainment. Several of the restaurants can seat more than 500 guests and are great options for large parties.

If you drink tequila, make sure to sit in a traditional cantina in the Parian de Tlaquepaque to enjoy one of the hard-to-find artinanal tequilas.

One of my favorite culinary experiences in Tlaquepaque is getting an esquite cup of corn prepared with all the toppings.

  • El Abajeño Restaurant – A classic Guadalajara institution with a lovely patio
  • El Zaguan – Phenomenal food
  • Casa Luna – One of the most beautiful restaurants in Guadalajara
  • TlaquePasta – Cult favorite Mexican/Italian fusion
  • Birrieria Chololo – One of the best birrias in the world
  • Nieves de Garrafa Chapalita

Where to stay in Downtown Tlaquepaque

Where to stay in Guadalajara to go shopping

📍Budget Option – Hostal Tlaquepaque
📍Mid-Range Option – La Villa del Ensueño
📍Mid-Range Option – Quinta Don Jose Boutique Hotel

Plaza Andares

Where to stay in Guadalajara for luxury travelers

Plaza Andares is one of the top luxury malls in all of Mexico. People come from the neighboring towns and cities just to go shopping here. We have family in Morelia and Aguascalientes that make shopping trips to Plaza Andares because the high-end shops don’t exist in the smaller cities.

I have really come to enjoy the mall. When I first moved to Guadalajara I shunned the fancy establishment. Now that I have kids and I push a stroller, I find the infrastructure, ramps, and elevators so easy to use.

Plus, the restaurant selection is the best in the city. Plaza Andares has the highest concentration of exceptional restaurants that you will find anywhere. They built a casual food court with burgers and donuts, and they recruited the best chef in the city to create a high-end cantina concept just for the mall.

Things to do in Plaza Andares

Liverpool department store carousel
  • Go shopping at the high-end boutiques
  • Cruise the weekend farmers’ market
  • See a movie at the VIP theaters
  • Use the iOS coworking offices
  • Go people-watching. There are some eccentric characters in the mall

Where to eat in Plaza Andares

  • La Docena – World renowned seafood
  • Campomar – Nayarit-style seafood
  • Juniko – Traditional Japanese sushi
  • Loló – Mexican fusion
  • El Almacén del Bife – Argentine steak with a kids’ area
  • Il Diavolo – mid-range Italian food
  • Trip’s Burgers – The closes thing to In-n-Out in Mexico

Where to stay in Plaza Andares

The Hyatt Regency is where to stay in Plaza Andares Guadalajara

📍Luxury Option – Hyatt Regency

Expo Guadalajara & Ciudad del Sol

Where to stay in Ciudad del Sol Guadalajara

The Expo is Guadalajara’s fantastic convention center. This is one of the reasons why so many people know Guadalajara. It is a major destination for conventions and festivals.

The Feria Internacional del Libro is the largest book fair in the Americas with big-name concerts and events all week. Campus Party is a programming and computer science convention with an all-night coding competition. There are trade shows and fashion shows that bring in tourists from all over the planet.

I’m curious to see how much traffic the new Ikea is going to bring in. It is only the second Ikea in Mexico and I suspect people will drive in from every neighboring state to go shopping.

Pyramid of the sun in Ciudad del Sol Guadalajara

This whole area was built around the Plaza del Sol mall which was the first American-style mall in the region. The Ciudad del Sol luxury neighborhood started going up in the 1960s. There is a lot of mid-century modern architectural charm.

Today, the mall has been eclipsed by Plaza Andares but a lot of older people, like my father-in-law, still prefer Plaza del Sol Mall to Andares. For one thing, the parking is way cheaper at Plaza del Sol.

Things to do in Expo Guadalajara & Ciudad del Sol

Books about Mexico at the Guadalajara Book Festival (FIL)

Where to eat in Expo Guadalajara & Ciudad del Sol

  • Mercado de Abastos – Humble yet delicious food
  • Mr. Pampas – Brazilian BBQ buffet
  • Tacos El Chino Jr. – Classic Mexican taco stand in a park
  • Merendero El Tapatío – Traditional Mexican cenaduría
  • K Grill La Rosas – Korean BBQ
  • Hato Ramen – A decent ramen soup restaurant
  • Karne Garibaldi – Traditional Guadalajara food serving carne en su jugo
  • El Café de Terry – The best specialty coffee in the zone

Where to stay in Expo Guadalajara & Ciudad del Sol

Where to stay near the Expo Guadalajara

One thing to keep in mind is that the prices fluctuate a great deal depending on the event at the Expo. I had a friend that lived nearby and rented a room out on Airbnb. She would be booked years in advance for the book fair.

📍Budget Option – FCH Hotel Expo (Adults Only)
📍Budget Option – Abadia Hotel Boutique
📍Mid-Range Option – Presidente InterContinental Hotel
📍Luxury Option – The Westin Guadalajara

Guadalajara Airport

Volaris airplane on the tarmac

I see a lot of people looking for a hotel near the Guadalajara Airport when they have flights early in the morning. Traffic to the airport and Uber drivers are unpredictable. There is a constant flood of negative comments in the expat groups about private drivers not showing up for an early morning pickup.

The nice thing about all the hotels near the airport is that they offer a shuttle service and you don’t have to stress the traffic.

A couple of the hotels out by the airport are really nice. There isn’t much to do out that way but there is always a reason to need a hotel next to a major international airport.

Things to do near the Guadalajara Airport

  • Check out the Vicente Fernandez Ranch, Los 3 Potrillos Cowboy Store and Restaurant
  • Show up early to your flight

Where to eat near the Guadalajara Airport

Birrierias Chololo near the Guadalajara Airport
  • Birrieria Chololo – The big hacienda location of an iconic Guadalajara institution

Where to stay near the Guadalajara Airport

📍Budget Option – Hostal Check Inn Aeropuerto
📍Mid-Range Option – Ramada Encore by Wyndham Guadalajara Aeropuerto

Where to Stay in Guadalajara: Map

This article is geared toward tourists looking to visit Guadalajara for the first time. I have another article on the residential neighborhoods of Guadalajara for people looking to relocate. While there is a little bit of crossover, there are a lot of residential neighborhoods that I didn’t talk about in this article because they aren’t as exciting.

Have a look at the map. The Guadalajara Metropolitan Region is a big area with a lot of different experiences.

FAQs: Visiting Guadalajara

There are some of the most common questions that I see in the Facebook groups and that I get on social media.

What is the nicest area of Guadalajara?

The nicest area of Guadalajara is Colinas de San Javier. It is an old-money neighborhood with large mansions and huge fences. It isn’t a touristy area and there are not a lot of businesses in the neighborhood.

Across the street from Colinas de San Javier is Puerta de Hierro. Puerta de Hierro is the modern highrise district of Zapopan where the Plaza Andares Mall is located.

Both Colinas de San Javier and Puerta de Hierro are very nice, and very wealthy areas of Guadalajara.

What is the safest place to stay in Guadalajara?

Chapalita is the safest place to stay in Guadalajara

Chapalita is the safest place to stay in Guadalajara. It is off the tourist track in a residential and family-oriented part of town. It is my favorite place to walk with my children.

Chapalita does not have as many of the major tourist attractions but they are relatively close and easy to get to.

What are the neighborhoods to avoid in Guadalajara?

San Juan de Dios is an unsafe place to stay in Guadalajara

Guadalajara has a complicated security situation. I recommend reading up on the most common scams and crimes because many of them are easy to avoid, even in the most popular tourist neighborhoods.

The east side of the Calzada de la Independencia is rough and historically underdeveloped. Oblatos, San Juan de Dios, La Perla, Las Conchas and Reforma need to be visited with care.

Analco is one of the most historic neighborhoods with a history of taking in marginalized people. There is an excellent art collective and LGBTQ+ community but the neighborhood is dangerous after dark.

You need to know that crime exists everywhere and precautions need to be taken. Don’t get distracted on your phone on the street, anywhere. It could easily be stolen by motorcycle thieves which are a huge problem.

How many days should I stay in Guadalajara?

Guadalajara, Tlaquepaque, and Tequila deserve at least 7 days. It is a huge metropolitan area and you have to visit at least one of the most popular day trips. I love the Tequila Valley but my mom fell in love with Lake Chapala.

Lake Chapala is a popular day trip from Guadalajara

I would even change hotels once or twice. A couple of nights in the Colonia Americana, Tlaquepaque, Zapopan, and Tequila would make for a memorable experience.

Conclusion: Where To Stay In Guadalajara

This has been quite an adventure. It took me several days to put together this list. I love every experience that we have gone over. There are some of the best food experiences in Guadalajara on this list.

One of my favorite parts of traveling is eating new foods. Guadalajara is still an undervalued food destination. There are amazing experiences but all the big websites and AI tools are just regurgitating the same tourist traps.

I want you to try both the street food and the high-end restaurants. Order something new that is a little out of your comfort zone. Those are the most memorable experiences anyway.

I hope you get a chance to look around a little bit. Guadalajara is vast and the experiences change from place to place. Find something that works for you.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found it helpful.

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