Huevos Macareno with chicharrón could be the best breakfast in Puerto Vallarta

Breakfast & Brunch In Puerto Vallarta: 11 Best Restaurants

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I hope you are looking for a great breakfast in Puerto Vallarta. Breakfast in Puerto Vallarta is a sacred institution and there is a lot to choose from. From local street carts to fine dining brunch, there is an experience for every occasion. There are so many exceptional breakfast options it is hard to repeat a favorite because the to-do list never ends.

My family and I have poured over the maps and spent a lot of time exploring. We live in Guadalajara, Jalisco, and visit Puerto Vallarta several times a year. Breakfast is our favorite meal because we usually explore the town walking. No matter how many restaurant lists I make, sometimes we find something great just by walking around.

While I am sure you will see some popular favorites on this list, I also hope you find some hidden gems. It is worth it to try something new.

Best Breakfast Restaurants In Puerto Vallarta

Breakfast is trendy whether it is in Mexico, the United States, or in Europe. And I think that is what makes breakfast in Puerto Vallarta so dynamic. People move to Puerto from all over Mexico and from all over the world. There are excellent examples of regional styles of food.

Puerto Vallarta has something for all budgets. Because of the amount of international tourism, there is a deep supply of luxury establishments on beautiful beaches or on the rooftop of big hotels.

Don’t forget to try some of the street food as well. Mexico has one of the world’s great street food cultures. It would be a shame to travel all this way and not experience birria tacos out of a street cart.

1. Macareno

📍 Neighborhood: Zona Romantica | View on Google Maps

Macareno is a small, trendy restaurant with an excellent breakfast. They have an excellent selection of Mexican-style meats like chicharrón, cochinita, pollo en mole, or even tripe that are combined with egg dishes.

My favorite is the huevos Macareno witch is like huevos rancheros but better. Instead of just a tortilla, huevos Macareno uses a good-sized corn masa gordita that is stuffed with refried beans and cheese. Two sunny-side-up eggs are placed on top and the whole thing is bathed in a mild sauce. They have both a red and a green sauce but the ticket is to order half and half. Pork chicharrón goes great with the red sauce but so do all the other meats.

They also do omelets, waffles, pancakes, and French toast. The selection of juices is small but well-chosen.

Macareno is located in a more local section of the Zona Romantica six blocks away from the beach. The restaurant is easily accessible from the libremiento and is just a block and a half after the small tunnel.

The open kitchen is inviting and the lush greenery really makes you feel like you are in the tropics of Puerto Vallarta. The space is small and casual yet very inviting.

2. Sabor Veracruzano Puerto Vallarta

Sabor Veracruzano has the best breakfast in Puerto Vallarta

📍 Neighborhood: Aeropuerto | View on Google Maps

Sabor Veracruzano is a traditional Mexican restaurant serving food and coffee in the style of the eastern state of Veracruz. Veracruz is the preeminent coffee-producing region in Mexico and there is a unique style of coffee called café lechera that pours warm milk into your coffee from a teapot held high in the air.

The breakfast menu at Sabor Veracruzano is based on traditional, regional recipes like beef barbacoa mixiote, machaca norteña, memela jarocha, and picada xiqueña. These are really popular dishes in the eastern part of the country that are less common on the Pacific Coast.

What I love about this restaurant is that it is off the tourist track. It is a great option for anyone in the northern part of the city. They are located just a few blocks from the Puerto Vallarta Airport and I would rather kill some time here than at any restaurant inside the airport.

Sabor Veracruzano is family oriented and there is a small, unsupervised kids’ play area. The parking is easy and the wait for a table goes quickly.

3. Tacos de Birria Alex

📍 Neighborhood: Centro| View on Google Maps

I love birria and barbacoa in all its incarnations. It is something that I seek out whenever I travel. There are distinct regional styles and Puerto Vallarta is no exception.

Tacos de Birria Alex serves Puerto Vallarta-style beef birria tacos and plates. The quesabirria is unique in that it uses a flour tortilla and is fried crispy. All the tacos are garnished with cabbage which has a nice crunchy texture.

The food is prepared on a cart in the street but there is a small dining room that is indoors. The place is so busy that many people choose to eat standing rather than wait for a table. I was astonished at the volume of to-go food they prepare.

They are located on a back street in Downtown Puerto Vallarta very close to 5 de Diciembre. It is a great place to stop and have breakfast after doing the Cerro de la Cruz hike.

4. Fredy’s Tucan

Tucan mural at Fredy's Tucan breakfast restaurant in Puerto Vallarta

📍 Neighborhood: Zona Romantica| View on Google Maps

Fredy’s Tucan is one of Puerto Vallarta’s most treasured institutions. They have been serving breakfast in the Zona Romantica since 1983 and are one of the longest-running establishments in the neighborhood.

One thing is for sure, and this restaurant can handle some volume. During the high season, there are not many restaurants with a longer wait on a weekend morning. Visitors treasure this place and come back year after year.

The menu is vast, the portions are generous, and the quality is consistent. I am one of those guests that visits year after year and it is always good. It is a restaurant that I hope my kids will treasure in the future with their kids.

The menu is pretty evenly divided between Mexican and non-Mexican specialties. The baked goods and french toast is always a crowd pleaser. But I recommend trying something new. There are a bunch of recipes like Huevos Yelapa, Desayuno campesino, and Huevos Talpa that you won’t find in other places.

I am delicate when it comes to my coffee but I find the coffee at Fredy’s Tucan to be acceptable.

My one recommendation is to plan ahead. This is a very popular establishment with a wait that can tire out the kids. It tends to go by quickly but you don’t want cranky hungry kids smelling all that delicious food while they are waiting for a table. Go early or send someone to reserve a table.

5. Coco’s Kitchen

Coco's Kitchen dining room

📍 Neighborhood: Zona Romantica | View on Google Maps

When you look at Coco’s Kitchen on Google Maps satelite view all you see are trees in between big buildings. And the dining room feels the same way. The restaurant was built around these really beautiful mature trees. It can make a hot day feel a lot more refreshing.

Coco’s Kitchen is located in the southern corridor of the Zona Romantica where the streets are narrow and better for walking than they are for driving. Trying to find a parking place over here on the weekend is next to impossible.

The breakfast menu has a nice balance between traditional Mexican items and international favorites. The house specialties are the baked goods. The biscuits are some of the best I have ever tasted. They offer a gluten-free pancake option that is better than most.

Time after time, our group loves the cinnamon French toast and the churro pancakes. All the egg dishes are well served but not so big they make you regret your decision. One of my favorite dishes to order across Mexico is the machaca with eggs and salsa Mexicana. Coco’s Kitchen doesn’t disappoint.

There is a full bar with all the typical breakfast cocktails like mimosas, bloody mary, and screwdrivers. I think it is kind of funny when restaurants list cocktails like the screwdriver or the margarita on their menu.

The one thing that I with they had was a changing table in the bathrooms. The bathrooms are small so it would be hard to fit but maybe a wall mounted one like I have seen in other restaurants. We will be done with diapers soon but Puerto Vallarta is a family destination and parents need it.

Best Brunch In Puerto Vallarta

7. La Palapa

View of Los Muertos Pier from La Palapa restaurant

📍 Neighborhood: Zona Romantica| View on Google Maps

La Palapa Restaurant is a Puerto Vallarta favorite. It is about as fine dining as you are going to find right on the sand. They don’t try to cram too many tables together but give you room to breathe. The servers are very formal and they have one of the best views in town. The Playa Los Muertos Pier is just two blocks away.

The place has been around since 1959, back before the bridge was built over the Río Cuale. They helped create the Zona Romantica.

The menu is self-described as Tropical Mexican Cuisine and combines Mexican with Asian and French elements.

Brunch is served from 8:30 am and has a little more international fare than local. The enfrijoladas, chilaquiles and puntas de res all use beautiful sauces. The omelettes are mostely veggie based and have an egg-while option. The kids will love the buttermilk pancakes and the grownups with a sweet tooth will love the caramelized banana pancakes with mascarpone.

The most talked bout dish on the menu is the local blue crab eggs benedict with a chipotle hollandaise sauce. The portions are not huge and there are a lot of healthy options.

I look at La Palapa as a special occasion restaurant. This is the place I take my parents when they are in town. They have always loved it.

6. Cha’

Cha' Restaurant has one of the best breakfasts in Puerto Vallarta

📍 Neighborhood: Versalles| View on Google Maps

Cha’ is a part of the new wave of eateries luring people away from the Zona Romantica. The Versalles neighborhood is the newest culinary corridor in Puerto Vallarta that is way more affordable than the traditional hotspots.

The brunch at Cha’ could possibly be in a trendy restaurant in Mexico City or Guadalajara. But it is in Puerto Vallarta and helping to push the culinary arts scene forward.

The Frech toast uses maple syrup but the pancakes are glazed in a tres leches sauce and dusted with chocolate. The waffle is bathed in whipped cream and red fruit compote.

I highly recommend trying the torta de chilaquiles con mole y pato. It is a traditional sandwich served in Mexico City that is elevated to include duck and fancy sauces.

They have a full bar with well-thought-out cocktails and a nice collection of craft spirits. There are some ok national beers but they also stock Cerveza Loba from Guadalajara.

Make sure to put Cha’ on your list. You need to get here early because the place is small and it fills up. But I guarantee you will love it once you get inside.

8. Mr. Cream Pancakes & Waffles

View of the Puerto Vallarta Marina from Mr. Cream

📍 Neighborhood: Marina Vallarta | View on Google Maps

Mr. Cream is one of the most well-managed restaurants that I have visited in Puerto Vallarta. We have family with a condo in the Marina that we stay with regularly. My wife has been bringing me to this restaurant since we were dating. Mr. Cream is a special restaurant that evokes a lot of nostalgia.

The menu at Mr. Cream is pretty simple but they do it well. It is mostly pancakes and waffles with really exotic toppings and sauces. There is a small section of Mexican dishes like molletes, chilaquiles, and enfrijoladas. They even have a ‘light’ menu hidden at the bottom of the menu but we are here to eat.

Mr. Cream is right on the boardwalk in the Marina. There isn’t a lot of parking on Calle Mastil so you may need to park a little ways away and walk over. But that is one of the best parts of eating here. The Marina is beautiful. The collection of yachts is pretty spectacular. Plus, there are iguanas and crocodiles all over the place.

9. Kaiser Maximilian

📍 Neighborhood: Zona Romantica | View on Google Maps

Kaiser Maximilian is a part of the Playa Los Arcos hotel complex. It is located on the Calle Olas Altas side rather than the beach side but the view is still really cool.

Archduke Maximilian was the Habsburg monarch who became the second emperor of Mexico on behalf of Napoleon III.

Kaiser Maximilian the restaurant is a wonderful adaptation of European fare served one block away from the beach in a party town. There are white tableclothes and stained glass windows but the atmosphese is still casual. Most of the guests will be eating breakfast in shorts and sandals.

The menu is based on eggs and crepes. The Benedictine Maximilian is the house specialty with smoked salmon, poached eggs, and a tarragon hollandaise sauce. The croissant with scrambled eggs is probably one of the simplest menu items but in this case simple is perfect. My kids sat and ate without fighting or getting up from the table.

There is a good espresso bar with acceptable coffee.

I am looking forward to going back to Kaiser Maximilian for dinner. There were a number of dishes that I saw on the menu that I really want to try. My mother-in-law’s family immigrated to Mexico from Austria in the late 19th century. I really enjoy the history and recipes that this restaurant evokes.

10. El Andariego

Buganvillia flowers of El Andariego restaurant in Puerto Vallarta

📍 Neighborhood: Aeropuerto | View on Google Maps

“Yo vine por mis huevos” The sign in front of the restaurant is a semi-vulgar albur but it got my father-in-law’s attention. We walked by this restaurant every morning and the bougainvilleas really caught our attention. This is not a restaurant that we would have eaten at had we not walked by it every day. It is beautiful and that pulled us in.

The name, El Andariego, means the person who roams much like a vagabond. The restaurant is a testament to those who roam throughout Mexico.

The menu at El Andariego is ample and fun without being pretencious. Yes, they have fajitas but this is Puerto Vallarta.

I found the chilaquiles sauces to be excellent. The chilaques Oaxaqueños have a bean and chile guajillo sauce that I loved. My kids devoured the Andariego pancakes that are covered with fruit and whipped cream (we order them without nuts).

Best Coffee in Puerto Vallarta

11. Puerto Café

Puerto Café has the best coffee in Puerto Vallarta

📍 Neighborhood: Aeropuerto | View on Google Maps

Puerto Café is a hole-in-the-wall in Downtown Puerto Vallarta serving some of the best coffee in the world. They are friends with the owners of Cafe Estelar coffee roasters in Guadalajara which they serve exclusively.

This is a no-frills coffee bar for purists. There are no blenders but they have the best espresso in town. No flavored syrups but the pour-over extraction is done by professionals to highlight the subtle aromas of amazing Mexican coffee.

I recommend you buy a few bags of coffee to take home with you. Café Estelar won the best coffee roaster in Mexico award a few years back and with good reason. Puerto Cafe typically has a good selection of the Puebla, Veracruz, and Nayarit origins. If you get lucky, they might have some of the special bags but those run out quickly.

FAQs: Traveling To Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a great town for breakfast

What food is famous in Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta is famous for seafood and international cuisine. T

The traditional fish ceviche and shrimp ceviche is simple but the excellent quality ingredients and tropical location are what make it so memorable. Camaron en Barro, 8 Tostadas, and Puesto de Mariscos El Jefe are all excellent options.

When it comes to international cuisine, people from all over the world move to Puerto Vallarta, and that includes great chefs. Thierry Blouet is from a French family but he has spent most of his life in Mexico. Cafe Des Artistes is a part of the identity of Puerto Vallarta. He has been hosting the Festival Gourmet for a long time.

Barcelona Tapas, La Cappella Restaurante, and Archie’s Wok are all a part of what makes Puerto Vallarta such a great food destination.

What neighborhood in Puerto Vallarta has the best food?

The best neighborhood in Puerto Vallarta for food is Downtown. I know a lot of people are going to disagree, but to me this means Centro, Zona Romantica, and 5 de Diciembre. The entire area is easily walking distance and includes both touristy and non-touristy districts. I love the Zona Romantica but sometimes the gentrification is too much. 5 de Diciembre is spectacular but most of the food options are simple.

Centro, or Downtown Puerto Vallarta has it all. There are the most expensive boutique hotels in the city just a few blocks away from simple tacos. Vallarta Food Tours is one of the highest-rated tours in all of Mexico. People love eating in this part of Puerto Vallarta.

What is the number one breakfast in Mexico?

For me, the number one breakfast in Puerto Vallarta is Sabor Veracruzano because of the food. When it comes to food and ambiance, the number one breakfast in Puerto Vallarta is La Palapa. The food is very good but the location on the sand on Los Muerto Beach is incredible. The view of the pier is iconic.

What is the best month to go to Puerto Vallarta?

The best time to visit Puerto Vallarta is in the winter. For me, this is November, December, and January. The mountains still have their bright green color after the rainy season and the weather is perfect.

Winter in Puerto Vallarta is whale watching season and mama whales make their way to the Banderas Bay to birth their calves. The whales are very active and whale-watching tours are a favorite activity.

The winter months are considered to be the high season. Many of the best rentals are booked years in advance. Families return year after year. You will see huge convoys of vehicles with license plates from snowy places heading to Puerto Vallarta to escape the cold.

Things are more expensive during the high season but that is because it is the best time to visit Puerto Vallarta.

Where To Stay In Puerto Vallarta

📍Budget Option – Blaze Hotel & Suites Vallarta

📍Mid-Range Option – Luna Líquida Hotel Boutique (9.2/10)

📍Luxury Option – Casa Kimberly (9.8/10)

Conclusion: Best Breakfast Restaurants In Puerto Vallarta

I am getting hungry just thinking about the best breakfast in Puerto Vallarta. My family and I just got back to Guadalajara and we are already thinking about our next trip to the coast. With the new toll road open, the drive from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta is less than four hours.

Compared to anywhere else on the coast of Jalisco, Nayarit, or Colima, Puerto Vallarta has the best restaurant scene. From simple street food carts to fancy brunch establishments, Puerto Vallarta has something for everyone.

Let me know if I am forgetting anything. I would love to know what your favorite breakfast restaurants in Puerto Vallarta are. Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading and I will see you next time.

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