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15 Best Pet-Friendly Hotels In Guadalajara Mexico 2024

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Are you looking for the best pet-friendly hotels in Guadalajara? Then you are in the right place because I have lived in Guadalajara since 2009, used dozens of hotels, and called each of these hotels to get their updated pet-friendly policies.

Villa Ganz guestroom

Don’t have time to go through the whole list?

I recommend Villa Ganz – one of the best boutique hotels in Guadalajara with an incredible rating and pet-friendly policy!

Guadalajara is a great city and there is a huge pet-friendly community of restaurants, dog parks, and outdoor activities that pets will love.

I understand that many people are not staying in Guadalajara to enjoy the city but just passing through.

Guadalajara is a major transit hub along western Mexico. There are toll-road freeways heading in every direction and local free roads heading to the small towns. Many people traveling with their pets are just looking for a place to rest for the night before continuing their travels.

Pet-Friendly Hotels In Guadalajara Overview

Guadalajara is a large metropolitan area with pet-friendly hotels for all budgets.

The one thing that I noticed when calling these hotels is that the pet-friendly policies are not standardized. They change from hotel to hotel but the one thing they all ask is that dogs are well-behaved and don’t make a lot of noise.

Some hotels charge an extra fee per animal while another just asks for an additional deposit. Some of the hotels have size restrictions and only allow small dogs or restrict the number of animals per room.

After talking to 17 different hotels, I thought the clear winner was Villa Ganz. Before you even take into account the pet-friendly policies, it is one of the best boutique hotels in Guadalajara in a historic mansion in a walkable neighborhood. Their pet policy makes it even better.

Without further ado, there are the best pet-friendly hotels in Guadalajara.

17 Best Pet-Friendly Hotels In Guadalajara

1. Villa Ganz Boutique Hotel The Best Pet-Friendly Hotel In Guadalajara

⭐️ Rating: 9.4 /10 | Neighborhood: Americana | View on

Villa Ganz Pet-Friendly Policies

  • Limits on the number of pets: 2 dogs per room
  • Limits on the size of pets: No
  • Additional costs: None

Villa Ganz is one of Guadalajara’s favorite hotels for those with pets or those without. They are a member of the prestigious Haciendas y Casonas de Jalisco hotel association which promotes historic properties with cultural experiences.

Located in the trendy/hipster Colonia Americana, there are dozens of excellent pet-friendly restaurants, bars, and coffee shops within walking distance. Avenida Vallarta is just one block away which is the best section of the car-free Sunday Vía Recreactiva. Pets and pet owners love the Vía Recreactiva because they can walk or ride a bike for nearly 30 km from Zapopan to Guadalajara and all the way over to Tlaquepaque.

In the Mexpat Guadalajara Facebook group, I see people rave about this hotel. My parents stayed here back in 2010 when I first moved to Guadalajara. It really helped them see Guadalajara in a positive light. They had been a somewhat critical of my decision to study in Mexico up to that point.

This is a hotel everyone falls in love with.

2. Quinta Don José Tlaquepaque

⭐️ Rating: 9.6 /10 | Neighborhood: Tlaquepaque | View on

Quinta Don José Pet-Friendly Policies

  • Limits on the number of pets: 1 per room if medium-sized or 2 if small
  • Limits on the size of pets: medium like a golden retriever
  • Additional costs: No
  • They ask that dogs remain on a leash while they are on the premises

Quinta Don José is one of the most popular hotels in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Region with an excellent pet-friendly policy.

Downtown Tlaquepaque is an official Pueblo Magico located just minutes from Downtown Guadalajara and Calzada Lázaro Cárdenas (Interstate 15). The hotel is located in a walkable part of town just two blocks from the main plaza, the Parian de Tlaquepaque, and Calle Independencia which is the pedestrian mall with all the boutiques and galleries.

Quinta Don José is a local favorite because it is beautifully decored with local by local artisans using bright colors, tiles, and stone.

The outdoor pool is perfect for the hot spring and summer months. It is a 25-meter-long pool that you can swim laps in or just relax.

Tlaquepasta Restaurant is a fusion of Mexican and Italian food that is wildly popular. I recommend reading the reviews for both the hotel and the restaurant to see why people love this place.

Check Prices & Availability at Quinta Don José Boutique Hotel

3. La Mansión del Sol

⭐️ Rating: 9.2 /10 | Neighborhood: Ciudad del Sol | View on

La Mansión del Sol Pet-Friendly Policies

  • Limits on the number of pets: 1 dog per room
  • Limits on the size of pets: Maximum 5 kg
  • Additional costs: $400 pesos per animal

La Mansión del Sol is one of the favorite pet-friendly hotels in Guadalajara that most travelers never hear about. I first stayed here in 2010 when my school set up a summer exchange program. It is one of the best deals in town for an excellent stay.

The Mansión del Sol is located in a wealthy, mid-century neighborhood of Ciudad del Sol just a few blocks away from the Plaza del Sol Mall. It is an excellent neighborhood to walk your dog because of the good sidewalks and interesting mid-century modern architecture. It is very close to Chapalita which a favorite expat neighborhood with restaurants and coffee shops.

The hotel is an old mansion that was refurbished as a hotel. It feels like you are staying with wealthy grandparents because of the vintage design.

This is a particularly popular hotel with travelers moving by car. They have limited off-street, garage parking so you don’t have to unpack the car if you are in transit to somewhere further away.

I live pretty close to here and most of my friends say here when they come to visit. It is clean, cheap, and they have a good pet-friendly policy. It is a safe bet.

4. Candlewood Suites Guadalajara Galerias

⭐️ Rating: 9.8 /10 | Neighborhood: Cordilleras | View on

Candlewood Suites Galerias Pet-Friendly Policies

  • Limits on the number of pets: 2 pets per room
  • Limits on the size of pets: 36kg max
  • Additional costs: $300 pesos

The Candlewood Suites is a lovely new hotel that was built as the anchor tenant of a new strip mall on Avenida Clouthier. Candlewood Suites is a part of the International Hotel Group (IHG) which is an incredibly well thought out organization. They really put a lot of care into this concept and hired really good people.

The concept is geared towards business travelers that need a place to stay for longer periods of time. They have a lot of extras that smaller hotels may not have considered.

The pet-friendly policy is well-planned and they really do accommodate travelers with pets. They welcome and know how to treat pets right. Their pet-friendly rooms come will water bowls and magnets to put on the door to tell cleaning staff that there is a pet inside the room.

I was really impressed with the staff. I found everyone from the cleaning people to the receptionists and salespeople lovely to speak with. They have great recommendations for things to do in Guadalajara and where to eat.

The strip mall has safe underground parking. There are dozens of shops in the mall including some great restaurant options. And within just a few blocks there are dozens of great local eaters. There is a church next door that is famous for the Oaxacan tamales that are sold out front after mass.

The Candlewood Suites is a great option for people that are just passing through and for pet owners that plan on staying in Guadalajara for a while.

5. Presidente InterContinental Guadalajara

⭐️ Rating: 8.8 /10 | Neighborhood: Ciudad del Sol | View on

Presidente Intercontinental Pet-Friendly Policies

  • Limits on the number of pets: 2 dogs per room
  • Limits on the size of pets: Maximum 9 kg
  • Additional costs: No, but a refundable deposit of $1,000 pesos is required

The Presidente Intercontinental is another one of those hidden gem pet-friendly hotels in Guadalajara. It isn’t located in the most popular tourist neighborhoods but it is very close to the Expo Convention Center and across the street from the Plaza del Sol Mall.

The exterior of the hotel feels a little 1980s with all the glass (it reminds me of Die Hard the movie) the interiors have been updated nicely. The Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) is one of the world’s leading hotel groups that does hospitality professionally.

For most of the year, the Presidente Intercontinental has mid-range prices with facilities that are nicer than the price would suggest. The prices do increase during important conventions when it is next to impossible to get a room, like the International Book Festival (FIL).

It is a great neighborhood to walk a dog and they have one of Guadalajara’s favorite French restaurants in the building.

6. Casa Habita (Formally Casa Fayette)

⭐️ Rating: 9.0 /10 | Neighborhood: Americana | View on

Casa Habita Pet-Friendly Policies

  • Limits on the number of pets: 2 dogs per room
  • Limits on the size of pets: No
  • Additional costs: US$50 + taxes

In another article, I call the Casa Habita the best hotel in Guadalajara. Casa Habita is part of Grupo Habita, one of my favorite hotel groups in Mexico famous for design. They build experiences that blend into the neighborhood around them.

The Casa Habita hotel is an excellent representation of the Colonia Americana, sometimes called the coolest neighborhood in the world. It combines a retro, art deco fabulous mansion with a modern highrise hotel.

This style of construction is very common in the neighborhood because the local government wants to preserve the architectural heritage but many of the old buildings require a lot of specialized maintenance.

The design does an excellent job of evoking the glamour of Guadalajara’s wealthy history.

There is a tiny pool (the only place on the property off-limits to dogs) that hosts very popular parties in the spring.

The restaurant is exceptional but you probably won’t dine there more than once. The Colonia Americana neighborhood has the highest concentration of hip food and drink options in Guadalajara and much of it is within walking distance from the hotel.

They also have bikes for those that would like to explore. The bike lanes are plentiful in the Colonia Americana and on Sunday Avenida Vallarta is closed to cars and a favorite place to walk with your dog.

Casa Habita is an amazing property and one of the best pet-friendly hotels in Guadalajara.

7. Demetria Bungalows

⭐️ Rating: 8.6 /10 | Neighborhood: Lafayette | View on

Demetria Bungalows Pet-Friendly Policies

  • Limits on the number of pets: 2 dogs per room
  • Limits on the size of pets: No
  • Additional costs: $500 pesos per dog

Demetria Bungalows is the second concept by the wildly popular Demetria Hotel Group that I like a little bit more than the original.

The Demetria Hotel Group is one of the authorities when it comes to architecture in Guadalajara. One of their partners literally wrote the book on the architectural heritage of the Lafayette neighborhood. Their hotels are an important point of reference when it comes to conservation-minded development.

What I like about the Demetria Bungalows is the unique historic property and the price tag. The Demetria Hotel is modern while the Demetria Bungalows are historic.

While the exterior of the bungalows is a testament to Guadalajara’s architectural past, the interiors have been updated with an eye for modern design. Some have a mini kitchen which is always nice when you are traveling.

The two properties are 200 meters from each other in the heart of the Lafayette section of the Colonia Americana. It is a walkable neighborhood with plenty of pet-friendly restaurants, bars, and coffee shops.

8. Hotel Isabel

⭐️ Rating: 8.2 /10 | Neighborhood: Americana | View on

Hotel Isabel Pet-Friendly Policies

  • Limits on the number of pets: No
  • Limits on the size of pets: No
  • Additional costs: $150 pesos per animal per night

The Hotel Isabel is probably the best budget pet-friendly hotel in Guadalajara’s Colonia Americana neighborhood. The neighborhood is gentrifying quickly but the Hotel Isabel is still a great deal on the more traditional side.

It is a budget hotel so it isn’t fancy but it is clean, there is a small outdoor pool, and a small number of onsite parking places. The design reminds me of a mid-century Los Angeles apartment complex where a friend used to live. The Acapulco chairs by the pool and an ample number of trees make it very comfortable.

There is a simple restaurant onsite but the hotel is located in the middle of one of the best neighborhoods for street food in Guadalajara and the high-end hipster restaurants are just a few more blocks away.

Between the location and the price tag, it is no wonder why the Hotel Isabel is one of the best pet-friendly hotels in Guadalajara.

9. The Westin Guadalajara

⭐️ Rating: 8.8 /10 | Neighborhood: Expo | View on

The Westin Guadalajara Pet-Friendly Policies

  • Limits on the number of pets: 2 pets per room
  • Limits on the size of pets: 18 kg
  • Additional costs: US$35 for the entire stay
Check Prices & Availability at The Westin Guadalajara

10. Hard Rock Hotel Guadalajara

⭐️ Rating: 8.8 /10 | Neighborhood: Los Cubos | View on

Hard Rock Hotel Guadalajara Pet-Friendly Policies

  • Limits on the number of pets: 2 pets
  • Limits on the size of pets: 25 kg
  • Additional costs: $1,400 pesos for the first night and $550 pesos for each additional night stay

11. La Villa del Ensueño

⭐️ Rating: 9.4 /10 | Neighborhood: Tlaquepaque | View on

La Villa del Ensueño Pet-Friendly Policies

  • Limits on the number of pets: 2 pets max
  • Limits on the size of pets: No but they ask that the pets are not loud
  • Additional costs: No, but there could be an additional cleaning charge if the pets leave a mess

12. Hotel Boutique La Mansión

⭐️ Rating: 9.2/10 | Neighborhood: Chapalita | View on

Hotel Boutique La Mansión Pet-Friendly Policies

  • Limits on the number of pets: 2 animals per room
  • Limits on the size of pets: 20 kg
  • Additional costs: $600 pesos per animal

13. Casa Ixaya by Barrio México

⭐️ Rating: 9.2 /10 | Neighborhood: Chapalita | View on

Casa Ixaya Pet-Friendly Policies

  • Limits on the number of pets: 1 pet per room
  • Limits on the size of pets: small or medium size
  • Additional costs: No

14. AC Hotel Guadalajara Providencia

The best hotels in Guadalajara

⭐️ Rating: 9.4 /10 | Neighborhood: Country Club| View on

AC Hotel Guadalajara Providencia Pet-Friendly Policies

  • Limits on the number of pets: No but they ask that they are well behaved
  • Limits on the size of pets: No
  • Additional costs: $850 pesos

My dad stayed here over my wedding weekend and loved the place. He got a killer deal because of the Marriot Rewards program and loved the city view from the sun deck

The rooms were spacious, the business center allowed him to leave his laptop at home, and everyone spoke English. There is free parking for hotel guests and free wi-fi.

One of the best reasons to stay at the AC Marriott is the food court next door. Pannarama Food Court has one of the best selections of local restaurant concepts in the city. The second floor is lined with high-end, hip, and design-focused restaurants and bars blasting loud music that feels somewhat like a nightclub.

Check Prices & Availability at the AC Hotel Providencia

15. Hyatt Regency Andares Guadalajara

⭐️ Rating: 9.2 /10 | Neighborhood: Andares | View on

Hyatt Regency Andares Pet-Friendly Policies

  • Limits on the number of pets: 2 animals maximum
  • Limits on the size of pets: 25 kg total per room (if there are two pets the max is 25 kg between the two of them)
  • Additional costs: US$50 per pet and a refundable US$250 deposit

The Hyatt Regency is one of the finest hotels in Guadalajara and the state of Jalisco. It is the second-tallest building in Jalisco and a distinctive part of the Zapopan skyline.

The hotel sits at the very end of Paseo Andares which is a restaurant lines street that runs along the best luxury mall in Western Mexico. People come to Guadalajara just to go shopping at Plaza Andares because smaller cities like Aguascalientes and Morelia don’t have the same selection of luxury boutiques.

The Hyatt Regency is luxury all around. The views are spectacular, the rooms are comfortable, and the pool is downright beautiful.

As will most hotels on this list, there is an excellent restaurant on site but it would be a shame to ignore the dining options in Plaza Andares. Many of the best restaurant groups in the city, and in Mexico for that matter, have concepts in the mall. Many, but not all are pet-friendly with big covered patios.

The Hyatt Regency is a particularly popular hotel for people traveling with frequent flyer miles.

Final Thought On Pet-Friendly Hotels In Guadalajara

This has been quite an adventure, the best pet-friendly hotels that Guadalajara has to offer. There are a lot of different options at several different price points.

No matter where you end up staying, if you pick something from this list you know it is going to be a good choice in a safe area with great facilities.

There are a lot of great hotels in Guadalajara with very different experiences. The firs tthing that comes to mind when I am working on these lists and traveling to visit new hotels is the selection of food. Many of the hotels have great restaurants but I want to know what kind of street food is available in the neighborhood.

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