Surfing Chacala

Last Updated on February 17, 2020 by Paul

Chacala and Caleta: The left hand point break at Playa Caleta is one of the best breaks in the region. This is for a little more advanced surfer because of the sharp volcanic rock bottom that is covered with urchins. You really need to be careful about straightening out on the inside section and not put your feet down after kicking out of a wave. The wave has an easy takeoff section that lines up on the inside and allows for a ton of turns before standing up on the inside.

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Boat Ride to Chacala, Nayarit
Boat Ride to Chacala, Nayarit

The beach at Caleta is pristine if not a little hard to get to. You can take a boat in from Chacala for about 700 pesos or your can drive in through the Maralta Ranch if you have four wheel drive. Most of the 45 minute drive through the jungle is flat and easy but as your drop into the beach there are a few steep sections that make four wheel drive a must. Most of the people that drive in are planning on camping for a few days. There is a caretaker named Juan who has been living on the beach for decades. If you are going to camp, make sure to hook Juan up with some cash or bring him in some supplies (a bag of maseca or some canned food) for keeping the place clean. Remember, always pack your trash. There is an open air bathroom tucked back into the trees but you need to bring your own toilet paper.

Getting to Caleta
Driving to Caleta

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Make sure to stop for oysters, clams, and ceviche up the highway near Lo De Marcos. The quality is insanely good.