Puerto Vallarta Beaches in the Banderas Bay

Puerto Vallarta beaches for every person

The name Puerto Vallarta is synonymous with the beach for good reason. Mexico is a world-famous destination and Puerto Vallarta helped to garner much of that attention due to the diversity of saltwater playgrounds. There are a lot of options and I think you should explore the Puerto Vallarta beaches along the entire Banderas Bay. … Read more

The Best Sunscreen for Mexico: Biodegradable and Reef Safe Sunscreens

Every year millions of tourists flock to Mexico to enjoy the colonial towns and marvelous beaches. Many of them learn the hard way that the sun in Mexico needs to be taken seriously. When it comes to choosing the best sunscreen for Mexico you should consider that sunscreens impact on the environment. There is a … Read more

The Best Beaches Close to Guadalajara, Mexico

Guadalajara is the second-largest metropolitan region in Mexico. There is an excellent quality of life, important contributions to the national identity, a developed economy but there are no beaches for over 200 kilometers. The coastal areas closest to Guadalajara are marvelous but you need to log some kilometers on the highway before you can touch … Read more

Sayulita Surf Scene

Sayulita Beach, Nayarit, Mexico

The Riviera Nayarit is one of the easiest surf trips from the Western US because of direct flights and lots of good waves Sayulita is usually the first thing that comes to mind when people in this part of Mexico hear the word surf. This stretch of the Riviera Nayarit has become a favorite vacation … Read more

The Old Highway from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta via Mascota, Jalisco

Mascota, Jalisco

As we are driving back to Guadalajara Yara tells me that she had an amazing trip but if I had told her in advance that we would be taking the free road through Mascota she never would have agreed. The old highway that goes from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta, by way of Mascota and San … Read more

Boca de Pascuales

Boca de Pascuales, Colima, Mexico

One of the premier surf spots in Mexico. The tropical coast of Colima is an agricultural hub that is famous for limes, coconuts and salt. The Armeria River flows from the Sierra de Manantlán to the coast sustaining the agricultural industry and building world class sandbars where it meets the ocean. This is not a … Read more

Surfing Chacala

Surfing Mexico, Nayarit, Chacala

Chacala and Caleta: The left hand point break at Playa Caleta is one of the best breaks in the region. This is for a little more advanced surfer because of the sharp volcanic rock bottom that is covered with urchins. You really need to be careful about straightening out on the inside section and not … Read more

Cuyutlan, Colima: Sea Salt, Sea Turtles, and Surfing La Ola Verde

surfing the Ola Verde in Cuyutlan, Colima

Cuyutlan, Colima is a sleepy little village with a long history that is known for gourmet sea salt, a turtle rescue center, and thundering surf called la Ola Verde. The geography of Cuyutlan is set on a sand bar between the Cuyutlan Lagoon and the Pacific Ocean. The town is located 30 minutes southeast of Manzanillo … Read more

Punta Mita Surf Guide

Surfing Punta Burros

Where to Score the Best Waves Along the North Shore of the Banderas Bay Punta Mita Surf SpotsLa Lancha | Punta Burros | El Anclote | El Faro | La Bahía The Mexican state of Nayarit is one of the best locations for intermediate and beginner level surf trips. The entire State of Nayarit is … Read more