A Guide to Visiting San Pedro Tlaquepaque Jalisco

San Pedro Tlaquepaque

Tlaquepaque, Jalisco is one of Mexico’s premium tourist destinations because of a culture of artisanry, hospitality, and old-world charm. Many people consider Tlaquepaque to be a wonderful side trip from Guadalajara, but Tlaquepaque itself is a world-class destination and designated Pueblo Mágico by the Mexican Secretary of Tourism. The last group of friends that I … Read more

Chapultepec, Lafayette, and The Colonia Americana Guadalajara

Colonia Americana, Lafayette, and Chapultepec Guadalajara

Walking the streets of Guadalajara’s Colonia Americana is a romantic experience. Much like the historic core, there is a wealth of architectural heritage. However, the Colonia Americana, Lafayette, and Chapultepec were built during a different era. The neighborhoods, or colonias, were planned while contemplating this new philosophy about garden cities and the quality of life. … Read more

Chapalita Is My Favorite Neighborhood In Guadalajara

Kiosk in the Glorieta Chapalita park

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that Chapalita is the best neighborhood in Guadalajara if you have a family. I have had four distinct experiences living in Guadalajara: Jardines del Bosque, Zona Centro, the Minerva, and most recently in Chapalita. While I love all of these neighborhoods, I think … Read more

One Year in the Glorieta Minerva Guadalajara

Glorieta Minerva in Guadalajara

When I first moved to Guadalajara, finding a place to live was difficult. I had two bad situations before I found a good one. Well, not just a good one, but an amazing living situation. I spent a little over a year on the eighth floor of the Torre Minerva (Highrise apartment building) in the … Read more

Is Guadalajara Safe for Expats and Travelers?

Is Guadalajara safe for travelers and expats?

Living here for so long I routinely hear the question, “Is Guadalajara safe?” With a little bit of planning, Guadalajara can be a very safe destination. Guadalajara can be considered a medium-safe destination because there are both safe and unsafe parts of the area. However, as with any large city, there are security concerns. There … Read more

Mercado de Abastos: Guadalajara’s Wholesale Market and Neighborhood

Mercado de Abastos Guadalajara

While there might be a hint of Truth in the old Hemingway maxim about culture and travel, “If you want to know about a culture, spend a night in its bars”, Pablo Neruda has a much better take on Mexico when he says, “ Mexico is found in it’s markets”. Economists gauge the rate of … Read more

Vía Recreactiva Guadalajara

Vía Recreactiva Guadalajara

While Guadalajara is still on its way to developing a culture of driving that is safe and courteous for cyclists, Sundays are for everyone. On Sundays huge swaths of the city are closed to cars and replaced with bicycles, skateboards, joggers and all forms of outdoor recreation. The Vía Recreactiva connects the municipalities of Zapopan, … Read more

A Guide to Visiting Downtown Guadalajara

Guadalajara Plaza de Armas

Guadalajara was founded in the 16th century as part of Nueva Galicia, an autonomous kingdom of the Viceroyalty of New Spain. The city center is a treasure of Spanish colonial architecture including baroque, neoclassical, renaissance, and gothic styles. No trip to Jalisco is complete with out taking a walking tour of downtown Guadalajara to get … Read more