Tequila from Guadalajara: The Best Transportation Options in 2022

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Wondering how to get to Tequila from Guadalajara?

Tequila, Jalisco is one of Mexico’s premier destinations. The vast majority of visitors will come through Guadalajara on their way to the agave fields. There are a lot of different adventures and a lot of different ways to get to Tequila from Guadalajara. These are my favorites.

Before the drink and before the town, there was the Tequila Volcano. The fertile soil around the volcano is one of the reasons that agriculture is so prevalent in this area. There is a series of pueblos, landscapes, archaeological sites, waterfalls, and ex-haciendas that circle the volcano and deserve to be visited as well.

This article is going to focus on the transportation options and how to get to Tequila from Guadalajara. I have a whole other article talking about the fun things to do in Tequila, Jalisco.

I think the best way to visit Tequila, Jalisco is to have a private vehicle. If it were my first trip, I would spend a few days in the valley hopping from pueblo to pueblo. The combination of distilleries, pyramids, and ex-haciendas makes for a memorable experience.

How to get to Tequila from Guadalajara

How far is Tequila from Guadalajara?

The town of Tequila is located 65 km (40 miles) from downtown Guadalajara. The fastest way to get to Tequila from Guadalajara is the toll road which takes just over an hour. The free road adds about 30 minutes to the drive but is more enjoyable because of the agave landscapes and pueblos along the way. Stopping for tacos in Arenal or cocktails in Amatitan will be a highlight of the trip to Tequila.

Taking a bus or a train will be significantly slower than driving a car.

Transportation from the Guadalajara Airport to Tequila

The Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Guadalajara International Airport is a fairly serious transportation hub with direct flights from major airports in California and across the US. The airport is on the opposite side of the Guadalajara Metropolitan Region from Tequila. Crossing Guadalajara at rush hour could be the longest part of the journey.

Most people are going to spend a few days in Guadalajara on their way to Tequila. It is possible to take a taxi directly to Tequila from the airport. It is also possible to take a taxi to the bus station in Downtown Guadalajara and a bus to Tequila to save a few dollars. The cheapest route would be to take the shuttles. There is a shuttle from the airport to the Minerva Roundabout ($60 pesos) and another free shuttle from the Minerva Roundabout to the Zapopan Station where the Tequila Bus leaves from.

Tequila tours from Guadalajara, Mexico

Private Transportation to Tequila

I like to drive when I go to Tequila. The town of Tequila is just one stop and I recommend that you visit the pyramids, an ex-hacienda, a cooking class, or the opal mines in addition to Tequila. The town of tequila is just one stop along the Ruta del Tequila.

The drive to Tequila from Guadalajara is beautiful. There are lots of places to stop and take pictures along the way. In Arenal, there are excellent tacos, a cult-favorite distillery, and a guy on the side of the road selling hats. Besides being the perfect souvenir from a Pueblo Magico, it is important to have some shade in the agave fields. It gets really hot out here.

After visiting the town of Tequila, the Guachimontones archaeological site is home to some unique conical-shaped pyramids and a small museum. Fifteen minutes away from the Guachimontones is the ex-hacienda Labor de Rivera which has been renovated into a boutique hotel and restaurant. Talk about Instagram gold. The pyramids and ex-hacienda are beautiful, culturally significant, and will leave a lasting impression.

Having a private car will allow you to travel at your own pace and see more of the region. The town of Tequila is just the tip of the iceberg but you need transportation to access the best attractions in a reasonable amount of time.

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Tequila falls are walking distance from the main plaza in Tequila, Jalisco

Tequila Tour Bus from Guadalajara

There are a number of tequila tours that start and end in Guadalajara. They arrange transportation and the tequila distillery that will be toured. Guadalajara Tequila tours are the least flexible way to visit Tequila because of the large group and strict schedule. The price of the tour is affordable and will usually include a distillery tour and tequila tasting.

On Saturdays, there is a Tequila Express tour bus that will take you to Tequila and back. Buses leave Guadalajara around 10 am and return by 6 pm. Make sure to make reservations in advance. The itineraries change from time to time but they are currently touring the Sauza property.

One thing to remember is that people come to Tequila to drink heavily. You have no idea who is going to be on that tour bus with you. It is not uncommon for tourists to become belligerently drunk after drinking in the sun all day. I have heard, on several occasions, that the passengers on the tour were irritatingly drunk on the way back to Guadalajara. Don’t be that person. Sip don’t shoot your tequila, pace yourself, and drink some water while you are at it.

Public Bus to Tequila from Guadalajara and Zapopan

Guadalajara has a bunch of bus stations. To go to Tequila you will leave from the Terminal Zapopan at the western entrance to the city OR the Central Vieja in Downtown Guadalajara. Buses leave for Tequila every half hour and take about an hour to get there with no traffic.

The Central Vieja is located in an area with lots of traffic. It takes a little bit longer to get out of the city on a bus. The Terminal Zapopan is on the way out of town. If you are staying in the western part of the metropolitan region it may be faster to take a shuttle or an uber to the Zapopan Terminal rather than driving into the downtown area only to backtrack through traffic. If you are staying downtown, then the Central Vieja is a great option.

The Terminal Zapopan has a free shuttle that runs from The Glorieta Minerva to the Terminal Zapopan every hour from 6 am to 9 pm. The shuttle leaves from the Vallarta Plus tickets sales office in the Minerva, between the Telcel and the Flor de Cordoba coffee shop, on the Av Agustín Yañez side of the glorieta.

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Tequila Train to Amatitan and Tequila

Both José Cuervo and Herradura offer train rides through the agave fields to their respective distilleries. The antique trains have been restored beautifully in a retro-modern fashion. Both trains operate on Saturdays only. José Cuervo Express leaves the Estación Ferromex around 9am and Herradura Express leaves the same station at 11am.

The Jose Cuervo tour is a combination of train and bus ride. You can choose to take the train to Tequila and the bus back, or take the bus there and the train back. The bus ride section stops at the Jose Cuervo agave fields for a harvesting demonstration.

Each train has a number of different cabin cars with different pricing. The pricing depends on the selection of tequila offered in each car. The train car with the selection of premium tequilas costs more than the train car with basic tequilas.


I hope you have an amazing time in Tequila and get a chance to see some more of the valley. There is a lot of authentic Mexican culture mixed in with a lot of tourist traps. Coming up with a plan ahead of time will help you steer clear of the bad margaritas so that you can focus on the good stuff.

While the big-name distilleries have created world-class tourist products, some of the smaller distilleries are making excellent tequila the old-fashioned way. This is where tequila comes from and you can’t find many of these tequilas in the international marketplace. Make it a point to try some of the smaller brands that you can’t find back home. Those are the bottles that make the best gifts for your friends.

As I mentioned earlier when you visit you should see a couple of the smaller pueblos. I like to see a big distillery and a small distillery to see the differences. I really love this part of Mexico and think that you will too.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time.

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