The best auto mechanics in Guadalajara

The Best Auto Mechanics in Guadalajara Jalisco

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Are you looking for the best mechanics in Guadalajara?

I had the pleasure of taking our vehicles in for the new Jalisco state smog check (Verificación Responsable). Growing up in California I always dreaded the smog check which can set you back a lot of time and money. My 2006 Toyota Land Cruiser is a great vehicle but it is not new and could easily fail if it is not maintained properly.

After passing the test I got to thinking about the excellent mechanics that I know in Guadalajara. My vehicle is in great mechanical condition and I didn’t buy it that way. It has been a process to fix the little problems that older vehicles encounter.

I have had some problems that left us stranded on the side of the road in rural parts of Mexico. Having a good mechanic is important if you want to take a lot of road trips as we do.

The Best Auto Mechanics in Guadalajara: An Overview

Broke down car at the auto mechanic

We drive from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta several times a year and wound up on the side of the road twice. I had to find out what the problem was before we could drive to the United States. Could you imagine breaking down on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere Sinaloa at sunset with all my family inside the car?

A good mechanic is invaluable.

I understand that breaking down is a part of owning a vehicle but I want to keep this to a minimum. We do a lot of driving and I plan on doing even more in the near future.

These are the best mechanics in Guadalajara that you should contact if you need work done.

Bosch Car Service Los Pinos

The best mechanics in Guadalajara

Av. Los Pinos 368, Los Pinos, Zapopan, Jalisco

Bosch Car Service Los Pinos is my general mechanic. They are my first point of contact when I have questions or need some work done.

I like to drive older 4-wheel drive vehicles over difficult terrain. That requires solid maintenance. The mechanics at Bosch Los Pinos know how to take care of vehicles over the long run. I have about 300,000 km on my current vehicle and I plan on putting at least another 300,000 on it.

I do a lot of driving all over Mexico and the United States and I want to make sure that my vehicle is in the best condition possible.

They are not the cheapest mechanics in Guadalajara but they do good work for an honest price.

They have solved several problems that other mechanics were not able to identify. The fuel pump issue left me stranded on the side of the road several times. The work they did on my brake failure saved me thousands of dollars compared to what it would have cost in the United States. And I am convinced that the new oxygen sensors contributed to passing the SMOG check.

I have some more projects that I am working on with the mechanics at Bosch and I am really looking forward to the modifications.

If you are looking to buy a car in Mexico then you would probably want to have it checked out by a mechanic like Bosch Los Pinos

Bosch Car Service Los Pinos should be your first stop when you need a mechanic in Guadalajara.

Axima Automotriz

Av Mandarina 1783, Jardines de La Cruz, Guadalajara, Jalisco

If you need to have an engine rebuilt I have to say, from personal experience, that Axima Automotriz is an excellent option.

I drove a 1985 Toyota pickup for a long time. Those vehicles require a lot of work. I happened to run into a guy with a beautiful 1985 pickup truck just like mine. We started talking about the work we had done to restore our vehicles. He has just rebuilt the engine and that was something that I needed to do. He is the one who recommended Axima and I was so stoked to have found this little garage.

Oscar is the owner and a stand-up guy. I enjoy talking to him about older cars and how to make them last. Oscar is a religious man and does the pilgrimage to Talpa de Allende most years.

If you are looking to get an engine rebuilt or a clutch replaced this is the place to go.

Climas y Mecanica Automotriz Mardel (Glacial)

Calzada Lázaro Cárdenas 1909, Del Sur, Guadalajara, Jalisco

I ran into these guys by accident. The place that was recommended is across the street. In any case, they did an amazing job of fixing a piece of equipment that would have been replaced had I been in the United States.

I was in the process of returning my vehicle to the United States to sell it so that I could buy something in Mexico. Air conditioning is an important part of selling a vehicle. Not to mention a drive across the Baja desert.

They rebuilt the compressor and got the air conditioning working for a small fraction of what that work would have cost me in San Diego. The air conditioning is one of the fist things that the buyer asked about.

Clima Al Maximus

Calzada Lázaro Cárdenas 1854, Del Fresno, Guadalajara, Jalisco

These guys are the highest-rated and most recommended air conditioning repair shop in Guadalajara. I was on my way here but didn’t have exact directions. I wound up at the shop across the street which was perfect for what I was doing but I will probably go here next time. Just look at their reviews on Google Maps.

Llantera El Puesto de Rafa

Tire shop

Avenida Patria 4901, Colli Urbano, Zapopan, Jalisco

Come here to get your tires fixed for a discount price. I get nails in my tires from time to time and these guys are fast and cheap.

I always like to have my tires checked out before a big trip and last time I found some problems with the spare. They got me a used equal fifth (not a donut) and even got me the tool that I need to lower the spare time from where it is stored under the car.

Gutierrez Detallado & Pintura

Calle Islas Antillas 2213, Jardines de La Cruz, Guadalajara, Jalisco

This was a recommendation from Oscar at Axima Automotriz. Jose Luis works right across the street and painted my truck very well for a little over MX$20,000 pesos which are like a thousand US dollars. I had had the truck pained several years earlier in Tijuana and it looked horrible. Jose Luis took the time to take all the pieces apart and paint underneath all the plastic.

This shop is not fast. It took close to two months to get my truck back but I was thrilled when I did.

An old friend always told me that fresh paint sells cars. I sold my truck the first week it was listed for way more than I was expecting. I was getting stopped everywhere I went by people gawking at my truck. I think it turned out great.

Final Thoughts on the Best Mechanics in Guadalajara

If you are going to own a vehicle then you will need a mechanic. It is always a nerve-wracking experience to find an honest mechanic. Nowadays, I’m not worried about that. I have some great mechanics that I look forward to talking to about my vehicles. Rather than waiting for something to go wrong, I am working on preventative maintenance to fix little problems and not big problems.

I hope this list is useful and you enjoy talking with these mechanics as much as I have.

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