Best Cheap Hotels in Guadalajara Mexico in 2023 [Locals’ Guide]

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Ready to Book a Cheap Hotel in Guadalajara?

You are in the right place because I have lived in Guadalajara since 2009, I have stayed in tons of Guadalajara hotels and even planned a significant-sized wedding. You have the most coveted of all Guadalajara tips right at your fingertips – travel advice from a local – to point you in the right direction to all the best cheap hotels in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Using all my local knowledge of the metropolitan region and its top hotels, I have curated this list of the best cheap hotels and hostels just for you. I capped the price at US$100 during the low season and organized the list from most expensive to least expensive.

Guadalajara is a really big place with some serious traffic. I highly recommend getting familiar with the different neighborhoods so that you can organize things to do that are centrally located where you are going to stay.

If you are looking to splurge on a luxury hotel, have a look at the full list of the best hotels in Guadalajara. There is an option for every budget in Guadalajara.

Are you ready to discover the best cheap hotels in Guadalajara, Mexico? Let’s get going

Cheap Hotels in Guadalajara Mexico

Premium Budget Hotels Close to US$100

1. La Villa del Ensueño

⭐️ Rating: 9.4 /10 | Neighborhood: Tlaquepaque | View on

Villa el Ensueño is a 20-room boutique hotel built in a neo-Spanish colonial style with some eclectic features. Originally, there were two old mansion buildings that were remodeled into a hotel in 1996. There are a lot of interesting patios, gardens, corridors, and sitting areas throughout the property with interesting passageways between them. The tile and stone mosaics are really beautiful.

There is a small outdoor pool and jacuzzi. This is a very romantic hotel.

Even though it is a small hotel there is still somebody at reception 24 hours a day.

Villa del Ensueño is located about 600 meters from the beginning of the Downtown Tlaquepaque Calle Independencia pedestrian mall. It is safe to walk during the day but an uber or taxi would be best from dusk to dawn. Parking is included but the lot is around the corner. I wouldn’t leave my car loaded with luggage overnight.

They are a member of the prestigious Hacidndas y Casonas de Jalisco hotel association for historic properties.

Cheap Hotels in Guadalajara Mexico

2. Hotel Real Maestranza

⭐️ Rating: 9.6 /10 |📍 Neighborhood: Downtown Guadalajara | 🏩 View on

Hotel Real Maestranza is located on Maestranza street just four blocks from the Guadalajara Cathedral and the plazas where the city was founded. The hotel has a very interesting combination of traditional and modern design. Originally, the property was two large mansions and those have been preserved on the exterior ground floor. A modern hotel tower climbs out of the middle of the historic property.

The interior design of the hotel is more modern than historic but the contrast works. The bar and patio are enjoyable. Parking is included

This is one of the highest-rated, budget hotels in Guadalajara.

Cheap Hotels in Guadalajara Mexico

3. DoubleTree by Hilton Guadalajara Centro Histórico

⭐️ Rating: 8.8 /10 |📍 Neighborhood: Downtown Guadalajara | 🏩 View on

The DoubleTree by Marriot Guadalajara Centro Histórico has one of the best views of the Guadalajara Cathedral in the area. Even if you don’t stay at the DoubleTree is is highly recommended to have dinner or drinks at sunset. That is a million dollar view.

Towards the end of the pandemic the rebranded to a DoubleTree by Marriot which included a minor remodel. The hotel is looking great and a deal at less than US$100.

This area of Downtown Guadalajara is perfectly safe to walk during the day. After sunset, there are not a lot of people on the street and it is not recommended to walk empty streets.

Cheap Hotels in Guadalajara Mexico

4. Hotel Ejecutivo Express

(photos: Expedia)

⭐️ Rating: 9.0 /10 | Neighborhood: Terranova | View on

The Hotel Ejecutivo Express is a typical corporate hotel that is clean and comfortable. The difference is that this hotel is across the street from Alcalde Restaurant, the best restaurant in Guadalajara, and just a couple of blocks to another ten excellent restaurants and nightclubs.

Cheap Hotels in Guadalajara Mexico

5. Demetria Bungalows

⭐️ Rating: 8.8 /10 | Neighborhood: Lafayette | View on

The Demetria Bungalows are located in the heart of the Lafayette neighborhood which is a mosaic of architectural history. The Bungalows themselves are a piece of that history dating back to 1936 and employing an eclectic local style.

While the exterior is vintage, the interior of the bungalows is modern and comfortable. They all have minikitchens and lend themselves to a longer stay.

The neighborhood is one of the coolest in the world and gets lumped in with the Colonia Americana. It is only two blocks to the Gallo Altanero tequila bar, two blocks to Allium Restaurant, and two blocks to Avenida Chapultepec. There is nothing more walkable than this section of General San Martín Street. I am getting hungry just thinking about all the places there are to eat and drink nearby.

Cheap Hotels in Guadalajara Mexico

Cheap Hotels in Guadalajara around US$70

6. Guadalajara Plaza Ejecutivo López Mateos

⭐️ Rating: 9.0 /10 | Neighborhood: Chapalita | View on

This is a great mid-range hotel with some interesting local history. The hotel straddles the convention center and Chapalita so the price can fluctuate depending on what big conventions are in town at any given moment. It is corporate, clean, and has been tastefully renovated over the years.

The parking is safe and I would feel comfortable leaving my car full of stuff in front of my room. The parking lot is not visible from the street.

Back in 1970 when Mexico last hosted the world cup, this is the hotel that the Brazilian national soccer team stayed at when they played in Guadalajara. Brazil went on to win that world cup and there is a plaza named after that team next to the Estadio Jalisco and the bull ring.

There is a really cool picture of Pelé kicking back in a lounge chair playing guitar next to the pool in between soccer matches.

This hotel has some history.

Cheap Hotels in Guadalajara Mexico

7. Hotel Santiago de Compostela

⭐️ Rating: 8.8 /10 | Neighborhood: Downtown Guadalajara | View on

The Hotel Santiago de Compostela is one of the best deals in Guadalajara. It is located in the heart of Downtown with an incredible view of the San Francisco Plaza. The Plaza de las Nueve Esquinas is just a couple blocks away with the best selection of traditional birria restaurants in the world.

The hotel is simple and clean. I would not leave my car full of luggage in the parking lot nearby. Parking is safe but don’t tempt fate Downtown.

Cheap Hotels in Guadalajara Mexico

8. Hotel Velvet Plaza

⭐️ Rating: 9.2 /10 |📍 Neighborhood: Arcos Vallarta | 🏩 View on

The Hotel Velvet underwent an amazing remodel a few years back. Originally built by the famous Mexican architect, Max Henonin over fifty years ago the hotel has been immaculately preserved. There are 125 rooms on ten stories with a gym and a small rooftop pool.

The location is amazing. It is just a few blocks from the Glorieta Minerva traffic circle on Avenida Vallarta and the Guadalajara arches. On Sundays, the street is closed to vehicle traffic so that bicycles and pedestrians can exercise. It is only two blocks away from Café palReal, one of the best restaurants and coffee shops in all of Mexico.

People rave about this hotel and their restaurant, La Caneva de Andrea.

Cheap Hotels in Guadalajara Mexico

9. Hotel Malibu

(photos: Expedia)

⭐️ Rating: 8.2 /10 | Neighborhood: La Gran Plaza | View on

This is just a basic hotel but it is cheap and there is very safe parking. I would feel comfortable leaving my car full of luggage in the parking lot right in front of my room. The pool is big and really nice in the hot spring months.

It is right next door to the Gran Plaza mall.

Cheap Hotels in Guadalajara less than US$50

10. La Mansión del Sol

(photos: Expedia)

⭐️ Rating: 9.2 /10 | Neighborhood: Ciudad del Sol | View on

My buddy scored this place for US$40 a night last year. That is one of the best deals in Guadalajara for a big, clean room. The hotel is located in Ciudad del Sol which isn’t the most walkable neighborhood in the city. Most people staying here have their own car. There is safe, off-street, garage parking where I would feel safe leaving my luggage in the car all night.

La Mansión del Sol is pet friendly but they charge an additional fee per animal which can add up quickly.

Cheap Hotels in Guadalajara Mexico

11. Country Plaza

⭐️ Rating: 8.4 /10 | Neighborhood: Altamira | View on

Retro, clean, and safe parking. They have both an indoor pool and an outdoor pool. This hotel is a great option for people wanting to stay near Downtown Zapopan but need onsite parking.

Cheap Hotels in Guadalajara Mexico

12. Plaza Diana Hotel

⭐️ Rating: 8.4 /10 | Neighborhood: Minerva | View on

The Plaza Diana may not look super fancy from the outside but this is one of the busiest hotels in the area. It is two blocks from the Glorieta Minerva.

I used to live in the tower in the Glorieta Minerva and recall tourists constantly asking me for directions to the Plaza Diana. I always loved reading their faces when they realized that a foreigner knew exactly where the hotel is located and could give precise directions in Spanish. The hotel is busy and next to a major landmark.

There is plenty of parking but there is nothing separating the street from the parking lot. I wouldn’t leave anything in my car overnight in this parking lot.

Cheap Hotels in Guadalajara Mexico

13. FCH Hotel Expo – Adults Only

⭐️ Rating: 9.4 /10 | Neighborhood: Expo | View on

This is another of those hotels that has crazy price fluctuations depending on what events are going on at the convention center.

All 28 rooms have a cool emphasis on art and design. There is a small pool, a small gym, and a lovely terraza with a delicious restaurant.

Cheap Hotels in Guadalajara Mexico

14. Hotel Isabel

⭐️ Rating: 9.4 /10 | Neighborhood: Colonia Americana | View on

Last but not least, the Hotel Isabel in the coolest neighborhood in the world, the Colonia Americana. It is cheap, clean, and a great place to meet cool people. The building feels more like an apartment complex than a hotel. There are common areas with barbeques, tables and chairs, and a small pool. I wouldn’t recommend the hotel for families with small children because of the pool.

There are a limited number of safe parking places in front of the rooms where I would feel safe leaving my vehicle full of luggage overnight.

This hotel is a great deal and one of the best cheap hotels in Guadalajara.

Some Final Thoughts on Cheap Hotels in Guadalajara

The Guadalajara Metropolitan Region has over five million people which means there are a lot of hotels. There are hotel experiences for every type of traveler. One of the cool things about looking at cheap hotels is the history. Many of them are old and have features that you don’t see in newer hotels.

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