Magnificent Diego Rivera Murals in Mexico City and Breakfast!

Diego Rivera Murals in Mexico City

Diego Rivera had a prolific career spanning many decades and many countries. Even though you can find his works all over the planet there is no place like Mexico City to experience his world. Mexico City plays a significant role in the fabulous story of Diego Rivera’s life. The Diego Rivera murals in Mexico City … Read more

One Perfect Day in Mexico City

Carcamo de Dolores and the Fuente Tlaloc

I have a long-standing love affair with Mexico City. I first visited in 2005 and I have been returning at least once a year since then. The combination of history, culture and culinary arts has captivated my imagination and won’t let go. Most of my favorite vacation destinations are located near the beach with world-class … Read more

Best Coffee Mexico City

Espresso at Quentin Cafe

Mexico City has the most specialty roasters and best selection of high quality, exotic coffee beans from every corner of the country. I have been thinking a lot about Mexican specialty coffee recently. I just watched a video on Bloomberg about the founder of Blue Bottle talking about coffee as a specialty product and the … Read more

Driving in Mexico City: Road Trip

Driving in Mexico City

Observations on driving in Mexico’s Behemoth of a Capital City I have been a regular visitor to Mexico City for the past 15 years and taken just about all forms of transportation. In the last few years I have started driving more. Driving in Mexico City is intense but I grew up in San Diego … Read more

A Guide to Visiting Downtown Mexico City and the Centro Histórico

Downtown Mexico City sunrise

La Ciudad de México is one of the world’s great cities. While the urbanization extends through the entire federal district and into neighboring Mexico state, there is nothing like at stay in Downtown Mexico City’s Centro Histórico to experience some history. The administrative capital of New Spain and later the Mexican Republic was built in … Read more