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¿Qué onda compañeros? Thanks for coming by. I appreciate you taking the time to visit our blog. I’ve put together a quick start guide that will help you find your way around and hopefully, find some great articles that make you happy.

What is Playas y Plazas about?

Playas y Plazas is a blog about Mexico with a heavy dose of content about Guadalajara. Originally it was entirely written in English but we have grown into a bilingual English, and Spanish language blog with content from different perspectives. The three main categories that we write about are food, travel, surf, and culture. You may also use the search box to find something in particular.

This is some of our core content:

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If you would like to learn more about the couple behind Playas y Plazas, you may check out the ABOUT page. We are a family of four. Paul is from the United States, Yara is from Mexico, and we live in Mexico but spend a fair amount of time in the United States.

Kiosk in the Guadalajara Plaza de Armas with the Palacio de Gobierno in the background